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News Paper

Newspaper is the mirror of the society which is our cheapest and most powerful weapon against different mal practices. A wide coverage of information is obtained at low cost through newspaper. It helps us to be updated from in and outside world. Thus CityWeb is one important media which provides support and breaking news, latest news, news from local cities and other general affairs. News thus tends to feed our brain with more and more knowledge as what is going on in the world and outside it.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping is the easiest way to get access to large number of products at one time, with numerous brands, prices and great offers. Even CityWeb provides various categories to shop. It also gives access to shop for daily need products and provides hassle free delivery.


CityWeb provide a CityWeb Card for Customers which gives access to great deals and offers by local vendors. CityWeb Card works in a way that you can get our card by call, email, canopy or our office. Choose your exclusive offer from our website, newspaper and welcome kit. Visit the outlet/shop to get best available discount and show your card first, purchase product and save your money.

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